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June 14, 2014



I am a very slow runner, but I love what I read somewhere "you are lapping everyone on the couch!". You are out there, running, and that is a wonderful thing, no matter what speed you go at.

I am going to preface this next comment with a bit of background-I was born in 1960, in Chicago with a mother's whose maiden name was Kennedy. Her grandma was from Ireland. All my life we were taught not to toot our own horn, to keep our accomplishments to ourselves. It was wrong to brag, in fact that was the worst thing you could do. I feel like this kind of attitude has handicapped me in getting a job, where you have to sell yourself. That underlying sense of "don't be vain". I HATE job interviews, even when I know I am totally qualified.

Is this an Irish thing? Do I sound like a nut to ask that? I can't help feeling like this self effacing tendency of mine, has it roots in that Irish tradition of not calling attention to myself. Am I off base?

London Sister

I think that Maureen is totally on to something - not sure it is uniquely Irish but having humility and not getting above yourself drummed in to you does not do a lot for self-esteem and it hard to shake it off.


I also think growing up in big families has something to do with it too. We were certainly not encouraged to be competitive with each other so I find any kind of competition difficult.


When you run, you run against yourself. Forget all those stretching, running on the spot loonies, you run against yourself and try to beat your last time. And if you don't, there's always the next time.

Believe me, I've run a lot of races. And walked a fair few!!


I hear you on the unfavourable comparisons when running amongst others! I even try to avoid heavily trafficked paths (well, when I *can* run of course) because it is so easy to become discouraged.

I think the re-balancing is genius. May steal your idea - more for the endless thinking/brooding about work when I am not there than the actually being there.

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