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November 24, 2006



That looks like expert travel writing to me. And apparently I should know...


Congratulations even though I am wile annoyed not to have been include myself.


I totally agree with your assessment on salty licorice. At the Candy Baron in Santa Monica (where you can buy a single, individually-wrapped circus peanut) they sell "double salted licorice". It's beyond the beyond of nasty.


Poo? Really? I need this for an essay.


Well to be more technical - biofuel from sewage. In a town in southern Sweden they make energy from the byproducts of the local abattoir. Good luck with the essay.

jim baker

buses that run on poo? are you kidding me what will those crazy Swedish basterds think of next lol


Wow Poop I mean CA CA Well at least i needed this for a project this is some good info...


I needed all of these for a project im doing and now I finally figured out why my brother is so tall!!! ;)
(because of fact 2)


You shouldn't believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet!! For accurate information have a look at this link http://www.cabe.org.uk/default.aspx?contentitemid=1318


poo thats weird i need this for a social studies report


Or... Liquorice is "lakrits" in swedish and alt liqourice is delicios and so much better than the sweet one. And we don't nod when we say no, that's an albanian thing. Over and out.


number 6 isn't true. Where have you heard that? O.o


No. 6 is based on an extensive study of Swedish people carried out by myself during my one and only 24 hour visit to Sweden....as I've already said, don't trust everything you read on the Internet!!


i need to find this for a report and none of this sounds logical.!! peoplee.!! pooo.?! are you seriouss.!


Yes that one is serious - biofuel is made from sewage in parts of Sweden. In Linkoping in southern Sweden, the town buses run on fuel made from animal carcasses....strange but true. Having said that I strongly suggest if you are using this for a report you need to do more research. There's a link in one of the comments above which leads to a more reliable source of information than you're likely to find in random blogs.


well i want to know how the swedish ladies treat a stranger from africa?are they very romantic?i need to know....


lol thats amazing!!!!

but what about swedish woman?

The Awesome

In Australia we actually use kangaroo poo for paper in some places. But buses?????

Motor show coverages

Hah...They are quite interesting facts!Thanks for sharing !!

Automotive publishing

Really interesting Blog.... such an amazing information !!!!!!!!!

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